Transworld Driving School was established in 1996 by founders who insisted that it be operated as a school first and a business second. We continue this tradition as a leader in the field of driver education and training. We care about our students and are concerned about their future and safety. We do not sugar-coat the fact that driving is a potentially dangerous activity. Thus, we will never be satisfied teaching our student merely the minimum standards required to pass the DMV driving test. We believe our students deserve more and we will be satisfied with nothing less than an up-to-date driving education experience. We pride ourselves on giving the best lessons for your dollar and we know we have the best instructors with state of the art teaching methods.


Our goals are to teach drivers an excellent understanding of the rules of the road and a high level of competence in control of their vehicle and to build confidence in his or her ability to drive on any road under any condition. This confidence comes only from our commitment to instill solid habits of good driving techniques in each of our students. The result is that nearly 100% of our students pass the DMV driver's test on their first attempt.


Instructors are licensed by the State of California and are re-qualified every three years, and re-trained every six months by our school Operator. This ensures that instructors are kept updated with the latest information on California Vehicle Codes and how to teach defensive driving techniques. Most importantly, our instructors are experienced in creating an environment for safe instruction.